You'll be surprised to learn that Solange is an amazing woodworker. She does wonders with a knife, carving chess pieces, whistles and even clogs! She would love to share her skills with a new friend. But that doesn't mean she doesn't love to wear dresses and be girly. She will make a special girl a very special gift.

She was made with tender care by Elsie in Tennessee who has been sewing for us for 20 years and is now fighting brain cancer and can no longer sew. We gave her $50 for making this bunny.

All bunny toys wear removable clothing (the girl pinafores are open and tie in back), have embroidered faces (except drawn-on eyelashes) and are stuffed with polyfil (hypoallergenic and naturally fire-retardant so no chemicals needed for safety).They have floppy ears and stand 14" tall (but can't stand on their own). Wash bunnies and their clothing with care in lukewarm water. 

$ 55.00

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