This pretty set is like a walk in the park, custom-made for your baby girl. Cassis Marpessa is a gorgeous, jubilant floral.  It is reversible so switch from the floral to the lace-y print as you wish! 

Rail guards are the latest invention in baby bedding. For parents who eschew bumpers but want a decorative crib that their baby doesn't gnaw on, this is the solution. There are button holes to slip the ties through and hold the sides together. Choose one or two depending on the set-up of your nursery.

      18" guard: Cassis Marpessa /Asparagus Violine with ruffle in Asparagus Violine.

  • Sheet: Asparagus Violine
  • Boudoir pillow : Silk Foliage/Celery Herringbone with celery piping 
$ 26.00

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