The perfect baby girl bedding needn't be babyish. A crib set can be charming and sophisticated, transitioning easily into big girl bedding without a complete re-design. Our speciality at Elizabeth Allen Atelier is our exclusive fabrics (not found in a big box store) and custom, handmade construction in CA.  You may select a pre-designed baby girl crib set or style the fabrics into your own unique statement. We offer soft crib sheets, flowing or tailored crib skirts, rail guard covers and bumpers in over 100 cotton fabrics to create a very personal crib set for your baby girl nursery.

Our 100% Indian cotton is pristine and soft, printed with European Azo-free dyes and washed six times before arriving at our CA workshop where it is handled with the care and expertise. 


Embroidered Rail Guard

$ 48.00 $ 12.00

The Lola embroidered cotton is pure, refined, elegant. Feminine but not sugary. It is also available in white.  This fabric has been discontinued but we have one 10" rail guard in stock.  Rail guards are the latest invention for the modern nursery. For those parents who choose to opt out of traditional bumpers but still want to add some pizazz to...


Silver Anouk Rail Guard

$ 48.00 $ 24.00

Silver Anouk is one of our most versatile prints and is popular from baby to king size bedding.  The mellow grey and hints of sky blue suit almost any interior. This rail guard, sheet are in stock and ready to ship! Rail guards are the latest invention for the modern nursery. For those parents who opt out of a bumper but...

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