Baby boy crib bedding sets don't have to be be juvenile or thematic! A boy's nursery can be handsome, masculine and easily transition into big boy bedding without a complete design redo. Our speciality at Elizabeth Allen Atelier is our exclusive cotton prints which are custom sewn in California to your exact specifications. You may select a pre-designed baby boy crib set or arrange the fabrics to match your unique point of view.  We offer soft cotton crib sheets, crisp tailored crib skirts, baby blankets, bumpers or rail guard covers in a wide range of prints and also solid linens.

Our 100% Indian cotton is completely pristine and soft, printed with AsO-free dyes and washed six times before arriving at our CA workshop where it is handled with the utmost care. You and your baby boy deserve a unique and personal space in which to enjoy the fleeting baby years.

Celadon/Silver Rail Guard

$ 44.00

This is such a refreshing, lively shade of green that it brings happiness into any nursery, boy or girl. Paired with Silver linen, it is soothing and contemporary.  Add a gathered skirt for a more feminine feel.  Rail guards are the latest invention for the modern nursery. For those parents who choose to opt out of traditional bumpers but still...


Fog Chloe Rail Guard

$ 172.00 $ 48.00

We are crazy for stripes for a baby boy's room as they are not babyish or thematic and therefor easily transition into big boy rooms.  Sale rail guard and sheet are in stock! Rail guards are the latest invention for the modern nursery. For those parents who opt out of a bumpers but want to add some pizazz to the crib...


Fog Elliot Crib Bedding

$ 164.00 $ 48.00

"Handsome and warm" best describes this blue and tan ensemble which is quite debonaire.  The bumper combination can also be made as a Rail Guard. You can always expect the finest American-made craftsmanship and attention to detail from EAA.  If you would like to make adjustments, we are happy to customize it to perfectly suit your style.  The photo sample bumper is in stock...


Fog Gabriel Rail Guard

$ 140.00 $ 40.00

Peppy Fog Gabriel and subtle Silver linen make a crib combo that is both modern, fun and versatile enough for a baby boy or girl.  Change to a gathered skirt for a more feminine feel. It's also reversible so you can switch from the jaunty plaid to the solid white linen. We have one set in stock and on sale. Rail guards are...

Fog Olivier Crib Bedding

$ 36.00

The Fog Olivier crib bedding's silvery blue palette pops against the sparkling white organic cotton.  The timeless menswear patterns coordinate handsomely into a soothing environment for your baby boy that can easily transition into "big boy bedding" later. If you are opting out of a bumper, the same combination comes in a rail guard.  Fog Olivier and Sky Gilles bumper, piped in Silver linen/cotton.  White...


Honey Marcel Crib Bumper

$ 144.00 $ 24.00

Honey Marcel is a fun and charming print, with clusters of "ferris wheels" in gorgeous shades of blue that pop against the honey brown. Boyish but not babyish. We have the photo sample bumper and skirt ON SALE and ready to ship.  Bumper: Honey Marcel/Honey Cecil with Honey Cecil piping Sheet: Honey cotton sateen Tailored 17" Skirt: Fog Chloe Smocked pillow- Fog Chloe Care Delivery &...

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