Make your bedroom serene, beautiful and unique with our custom designer bedding sets or create a personalized look with separate pieces. Owing to the wonderful range of distinctive prints and sophisticated designs of our cotton percale fabrics, we are able to create a personal and special statement to embrace you in a most intimate and comforting oasis. Our bedding is sewn with care and expertise in California of 100% combed Indian cotton and feels luxurious beyond the price, especially now that almost everything is on sale!





Pool Camille Adult bedding

$ 150.00 $ 6.00

Pool Camille bedding is pretty perfect in my book. The print is soft and subtle, leaving space for other design elements in the room. The colors are unisex, pretty but not feminine,  and paisley is an elegant, timeless pattern. Everyone is happy with this one whether for a twin, queen or king bedroom.    We know it's difficult to decide...


Pool Emmanuel Bedding

$ 76.00 $ 56.00

Pool Emmanuel paired with Pool Laurent is a can-do combination. The background is not-quite-white and the pool and celery colors are very versatile. Emmanuel is a stripe with personality to spare.   We know it's difficult to decide so we will send 5 swatches free of charge. Email us!  Duvet: Pool Emmanuel/Pool Laurent Euro sham: Pool Octavia/Pool Lucia with natural trim Cases: Pool...


Pool Esme Adult Bedding

$ 76.00 $ 50.00

Esme features a windy vine with each petal filled with a mini paisley. It is a energetic and saturated print for those who are not afraid of a little color!  Honey Simone brings out the honey in Esme but other more pool or berry prints look great as well. You can change fabrics with no extra charge.  We know it's difficult...


Sand Lucretia Bedding

$ 55.00 $ 24.00

Sand Lucretia is quite regal! The lively melon and blush pinks may signal a girly print but the sand background lends an air of graceful maturity and French elegance. The celery sheets draw out the green foliage and create a warm and inviting look for a queen or king bedroom.  Duvet: Sand Lucretia/Sand Bianca Euro Sham: Organic Celery percale Euro sham: Sand Lucretia/Sand Bianca...


Silver Anouk Adult Bedding

$ 60.00 $ 24.00

Grey has been all the rage in interior design for the past couple of years but it is a tad too dull pour moi! I prefer silver, a luminous dove grey color.  It is extremely peaceful, neutral and pretty perfect for both sexes. Anouk is a bird print but not everyone needs to know that. We know it's tough to decide...

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