Make your bedroom serene, beautiful and unique with our custom-made designer bedding. Owing to the wonderful range of distinctive prints and sophisticated designs of our lightweight cotton percale fabrics, we can create a personal and comforting oasis. Our bedding is sewn with care and expertise in California of 100% combed Indian cotton and feels luxurious beyond the price, especially now that everything is on sale!





Dusk Elodie Bedding

$ 60.00 $ 24.00

Dusk Elodie is mellow and understated. Dusk is almost a nude pink, very soothing, accented with earth-bound shades of green and dark tan, creating a warm and inviting look.  This is a subtle and grown-up version of girly and the colors are difficult to photograph... it is a lot prettier than it looks here! We no longer have Dawn Estelle for the back...


Fog Eliott Bedding

$ 76.00 $ 45.00

Boys - Keep it simple and clean. No extra pillows to throw on the floor.  Fog Elliot is handsome and sharp; chocolate and blue combined in a menswear shirting stripe. Perfect for a big boy's or macho man's room.  Duvet: Fog Elliot/ Fog Cecil is out of stock. Choose from Honey Cecil, Sky Olivier Skirt: Tailored Honey Herringbone  Description Care Delivery &...


Honey Elodie Adult Bedding

$ 76.00 $ 50.00

Honey Elodie is sublime. This is a floral pattern for people who like florals but not Lily Pulitzer-bright, over the top bouquets.  It is subtle, not girly, with olive and tan hilights and a dollop of a pinky lilac on a soft honey ground. Duvet: Honey Elodie/Honey Violine Euro sham: Honey Elodie/Honey Violine with celery trim Stnd Sham : Honey Elodie/Celery...


Honey Marpessa Bedding

$ 60.00 $ 15.00

Honey Marpessa bedding is great for couples who want something feminine (her) but not too flowery (him). The colors are so muted and soothing that the flowers almost melt into the background.  Soft browns and greens.  Duvet: Honey Marpessa/Asparagus Violine Euro sham: Celery Gabriel/Celery Laurent with celery trim Euro sham: Celery organic cotton  Cases: Asparagus Violine Description Care Delivery & Returns Elizabeth...


Honey Odile Adult Bedding

$ 76.00 $ 45.00

Honey Odile is at the top of my favorite's list. The colors are yummy-- honey brown, pale lavender and a light olivey green. The colors melt together in an allover paisley. This set works for all ages. Duvet: Honey Odile/Honey Simone Euro sham:Honey Odile/Honey Simone with celery trim  Cases: Asparagus Violine Sheets: Celery Organic cotton  Gentle care is recommended for all our...


Lilac Arpege Adult bedding

$ 60.00 $ 20.00

The Lilac Arpege bedding is a study in lilac. It creates an extremely peaceful and soothing environment. The four prints are essentially interchangeable and you are able to rearrange them to your heart's content with no up-charge. Perfect for a girl's bedroom that can easily "grow-up".  Duvet: Lilac Arpege/Lilac Cecil Standard Sham: Lilac Laurent with ruffle  Euro Sham: Lilac Arpege/Lilac Cecil...

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