I recently closed my 6 year-old shop in La Jolla Ca in order to refocus on my own brand.  The last thing I took down at the shop and the first thing I put up in my new office was a collage. I have been into making collages since I was little.  I collected torn images of flowers from magazines and catalogues and would assemble them into maze of color, sticking photos of my family in between, as they were peeking out from behind the foliage. Naturally, I thought they were FAB!









       As a grown-up, I continue to rip pages from magazines and file them by subject. I tape and tack them up on the walls that surround me:  my bedroom in Paris, allover my NYC apartment and of course my workspaces. This sewing machine in my NYC 5th floor walk-up is where Elizabeth Allen Atelier took its first stitches! The purple collage was in my first La Jolla office. 





      Although some of the photos have been with me for 30 years, I still find them beautiful and inspiring.  When it is time to move, I unstick them as best as I can and pack them flat. Some tear sheets have travelled from Paris to New York to San Diego; though tattered and tired, they still leave me wide-eyed!




























 This is my new WALL OF INSPIRATION. Normally, a new collage takes time to incubate but I was rather impatient to get this one up so I could get back to work. My walls tend to have an ombre effect, moving gradually from one color into another. The colors are always in my favorite palettes- purples, blues, pinks, browns.  I am a bit of a one-trick-pony when it comes to color. Years of working in fashion caused black-burnout: gimme color!!!  My kaleidoscope of color measures 7' x 12' and I am quite tickled with it. I have started playing around with fabric collage as well but more on that later! 

and btw I know the formatting is messed up above but I cannot figure it out.. oh well! 


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