My life has not always been as civilized as it is now. I used to live in a 5th floor walk-up in Manhattan without air conditioning and would jump in a cold shower and go to bed wet. I used to come home from work at 10 and eat frozen peas for dinner. I could barely squeeze into my apartment because the entrance was stacked with pillows.



I had creases in my shoulders from the bags of stuff I would schlep home from flea market binges. I was so good at scrimping on the necessities because I HAD to buy more vintage textiles, trims, lace, buttons, quilts and blankets!  My parents switched from cash presents to gift certificates because they knew I would spend the money on all this stuff. My tiny apartment was maxed out with all my treasures draped about, like living in a vintage cocoon. It was charming and oh-so-girly.

Now I live in a house with 5 males (including a lab) and only one other female (Lola our other lab), a lot of sun (fading!) and an eclectic decor. My vintage bric-a-brac is mostly relegated to my "petit atelier", my fun workroom (as opposed to my office, which is beautiful too but less fun). Most of the pieces in these photos were in a drawer. What I love about forgetting/storing things is the delight at finding them again and remembering when and where I found them. I saw a Groupon ad the other day about life being about experiences and, while I love a rafting trip as much as the next person, I LOVE MY STUFF! It makes me happy just to look at it. Call me materialistic.

I arranged some pieces into these "tableaux vivants". Included are- several beaded purses, silk and velvet flowers, an earring, a button, a hand towel, a belt buckle, a beaded neckline, a thimble cover, an embroidered glove, a hat, lace, a beaded and embroidered bow, a French bag for dirty stockings! The hours and expertise that went into creating all of these pieces!

I don't have any daughters and, so far, my nieces think I am nuts, so I wonder what will become of it all. Hopefully someone like will find it and make it their own vintage treasure.

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  • June 13, 2016
  • Nicole Tosi

Elizabeth, I love this. Miss you and think of you often. So glad you are well and still doing what you love. XO. Nicole

  • June 15, 2016
  • Jana

ETA I love this post so much. Passion never fades. There are so many people that appreciate these nostalgic pieces because it harkens to a time when these WERE truly treasures and appreciated because they weren’t lost in the barrage of mass production. I don’t think you are materialistic, you are a romantic. Xoxoxo

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